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Providing single window solution for de-centralised organic waste treatment has been our objective from the inception. The result has been development of wide range of products to offer multiple options to the customers as per their need and resources.

We believe in consistent Research & Development. This helps us delivering cutting edge systems to address the problem of solid waste management

Mr. Deepak Kulkarni
Smartenviro Systems Private Limited


  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) with in-house Design, Engineering, R & D.
  • Dealer network PAN India and Abroad.
  • More than 300 installations in India and abroad
  • Our specially designed Smart Shredder, being one of USPs is the heart of composting system
  • Complete solution for organic waste management from 50 kg/day to 300 tons/day
  • Catering to multiple sectors like Commercial Establishments, Residential Complexes, Hotels, Resorts, ULBs, Defence Forces, PSUs etc.
  • International technology tie - up for projects above 50 Tons/day.
  • We have installations in Maharashtra, NCR, Goa, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Odisha, Haryana, Daman & Diu, Puducherry and also in the Middle East, South Asia and South-East Asia.


  • SMART Xpress Composter
  • SMART Drum Composter
  • SMART Batch Composter
  • SMART Shredder
  • SMART Baler
  • SMART Briquetter
  • SMART Squeezer (de-watering press)
  • Covered Aerated Static Pile Composting


  • Wide range of customised solutions from 50kg/day to 300 tons/day of organic waste processing
  • Consultancy for solid waste management
  • Extensive experience in the field of solid waste management.
  • Our Director, Mr. Deepak Kulkarni has been awarded as one of the "50 Most Talented Green Leaders" by world CSR.



Mechanical Composting is the most efficient and effective mode of organic MSW disposal. Smart Xpress Composter has an in-built shredding, churning system, aeration and curing system equipped with the heating mechanism. This compost can directly be used for the field application.


  • Inbuilt shredder which is capable of crushing all the organic waste including whole coconuts, non-veg bones, vegetables etc.
  • Both, the shredding and composting takes place in the machine employing thermophilic micro-organisms to convert the shredded organic waste to compost.
  • Minimal Space required.
  • Compact, Safe and Easy-to-use composting machine
  • Odourless process
  • All the wetted parts are in SS 304 to ensure maximum life of the machine
  • In-built curing reduces the labour involved
  • Solutions ranging from 50 kg/day to 1000 kg/day



Shredding and Curing take place in Smart Drum Composter employing micro-organisms to convert the shredded organic waste to compost. Aerobic composting being exothermic reaction generates heat which further helps in removing the moisture by evaporation in addition to the sawdust and renders dry, ready to use compost in few days.

The material of the drum is LLDPE to ensure maximum life of the machine.


  • Developed on the principle of providing natural composting system in a single machine.
  • Inbuilt shredder which is capable of crushing all the organic waste including whole coconuts, non-veg. bones, vegetables etc.
  • The machine has an inbuilt curing system.
  • Minimal electricity cost.
  • Compost is ready within 10-12 days in the Composting drum.
  • Adequate availability of air required for aerobic composting.
  • Easy to operate and maintain as there is no manpower required for shifting of raw compost to the curing system, hence saves labour cost.
  • Solutions ranging from 250 kg/day to 2000 kg/day.



This composting machine consists of fine shredder and mixer for simultaneously mixing and shredding of waste for uniform size. The machine mixes the composting culture and dry material such as dry leaves, sawdust etc. with the shredded waste for absorption of excess moisture. The output of the machine is raw compost which can be further cured to form compost.


  • All the wetted parts are in SS 304.
  • Geared motors are of energy efficient In-line Helical Gearbox.
  • Control panel with Automatic Microelectronic components with preset batch time.
  • Machine with built-in safety for stopping machine in case of lid open.
  • Easy control panel access from rear side of machine.


Shelves are in MS construction with Epoxy paint, with 4 levels suitable for accommodating 10 plastic crates in one row - 1 no./bay with irrigation system for moistening the compost during curing.




Cost effective, efficient solutions for processing organic waste of 25 tons/day to 300 tons/day and onwards of organic waste by applying our Covered Aerated Static Pile (ASP) composting systems utilizing compost cover.

Compost Cover System leads the way in our approach of "no smell, no noise, no negative visual appearance, no air/water quality issues" in the design, construction and operation of composting facilities.

An enclosed heap composting with membrane covered, pressure-aerated, oxygen-controlled decomposition technology Suitable for nearly all the organic waste types from green waste/bio-waste, commercial food waste, MSW etc.

Extremely effective at the reduction of emissions and odour with proper disposal of leachate Suitable for all climatic zones in the world

This technology is introduced in India in collaboration with MOR Inc., USA




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